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"Children in front of moving picture theater, Easter Sunday matinee, Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois" (Detail)
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Black Film Course Offerings 2004-05

242. Cinema in Africa (=AFAFAM 219, ENGL 276) PQ: African Civ and/or Intro to Film I:

This course places cinema in SubSaharan Africa in its social, cultural, and aesthetic contexts ranging from neocolonial to postcolonial, Western to Southern Africa , documentary to fiction, art cinema to TV. Depending on availability, films will include African film-makers with international reputations such as Ousmane Sembene, Djibril Diop Mambety, Flora Gomez, Idrissa Ouedraogou, Lionel Rogosin, neocolonial adventure pics like Zulu (Enfield), ethnographic film, both metropolitan (Rouch's Maitres Fous) and local (Bringing Back the Goddess, about the revival of a Zulu tradition), and narratives of anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and anticolonial struggle elsewhere. L. Kruger. Winter.

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